muddle: a sensorial menu

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Muddle: a sensorial menu – 06/2017

What if you could physically enter a menu before tasting? When you eat, you often search for words that represent what you taste. This exploration of taste is conditioned through universal textual cues, which ultimately form your perception of flavour. Flavour is more than that. Flavour is smelling, seeing, touching, hearing and tasting – all at once. “Muddle” is an installation that presents you with a menu, which you step into. An exploration where you choose solely based on sensory impressions, enabling you to become conscious of how emotion, context, and personal association, play into the perception of flavour.

In collaboration with International Flavors and Fragrances and Jaimie van Heije. With special thanks to Bernardo Juan Fleming and Suzanne Pera, for support on the smell component of Muddle. And to Jaimie van Heije for implementing the flavours to complete the tasting experience.

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