The Timekeeper


The Timekeeper – Domestic Data Streamers – 06/2016

The Timekeeper challenges the boundaries of predictive algorithm choosing bespoke curated songs and forwarding them to a future special moment that hasn’t happened yet. It creates unique occasions that are yet to come. It creates the soundtrack of your future.

Here’s how it goes: based on the users’ Spotify musical preferences, The Timekeeper chooses a song curated specifically for them and sends it to a future date of their choice. By gathering and analysing users’ personal data, The Timekeeper blends the participant’s listening habits with their behavioural profile. The profile is then “metaphorically” inserted in a glass marble which is kept inside The Timekeeper until the chosen special moment arrives, physically releasing the song marble in the machine and digitally sending it via email to its owner. Time and place finally unite in a song.

The Timekeeper, a machine by Domestic Data Streamers, co-created with Sónar for the last Sónar +D, in collaboration with Matt Ogle and Ajay Kalia, the data analysis team at Spotify.


Lotte’s role: Research / Concept Development / Storytelling

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