Lotte Meeuwissen is a Food Designer from The Netherlands. In her research she combines psychology, philosophy and neuroscience to initiate projects which change behavioral patterns. She dedicates her practise to combining food and design in order to create innovative experiences. With a passion to create that what does not exist (yet), her heart will always be found in food.

E:         |          T: +31618949117         |          I: @everydayfoodsituations


2019 – current | The Dutch Institute of Food and Design, Correspondent Food, Empathy and Design, Amsterdam NL

2018 – current | Danone, Food Design and Innovation Consultant, Barcelona ES

2017 – current | Muddle, Concept Founder and Project Manager, Amsterdam NL

2019 | ERAM, Workshop Facilitator, Barcelona ES

2018 | Escola Universitària de Disseny i Enginyeria de Barcelona, Workshop Facilitator, Barcelona ES

2016 |  Domestic Data Streamers, Concept Artist and Design Researcher, Barcelona ES


2017 Graduation Festival 2017, Royal Academy of Art, The Hague NL

2015 ATTENTION! Evacuate Now! Clear!, KABK Gallery, The Hague NL

2013 CSI: VBW, GEM Museum of Contemporary Art, The Hague NL

2013 On all fours, TodaysArt Festival, The Hague NL


As a designer Lotte values to be a Maker. Empathic and curious. Analytic and dynamic. Social engaging. And has a strong excitement to inspire and foster impact.



– Human-centered approach: skilled in thinking from “people’s perspective”.

– Framing of design challenge.

– Doing thorough research into the context: able to find engaging secondary information of the topic.

– Preparing and conducting interviews with target audience.

– Strong observation and listening skills: able to turn observations into actions.


– Reflecting and acting upon research and data: able to inspire a team.

– Idea generator and natural problem-solver: skilled in ideation and brainstorming.

– Storyboarding: skilled in creating user-journey, user analysis, business model canvas.

– Rapid prototyping: turn ideas quick and easily into tangible solutions, a hands on approach, use of scratch materials.


– Live prototyping: implement a design for testing interactions in real world.

– Evaluation of prototypes.

– Identifying and adapting to design needs: able to work, learn and adapt quickly towards necessities in a multidisciplinary environment.

– Turn prototype into design and extensive knowledge in design: product design, graphic design, interaction design, sound design, photography, video making, DIY-electronics.


– Experience in building partnerships with professional field (collaborated with: International Flavors and Fragrances, Jaimie van Heije) in personal projects.

– Project lead, project management and communicating the necessities of the project clearly to the field.

– Storytelling: able to communicate the project visually and verbally.

– Writing empathic and engaging project proposals.


Illustrator (good knowledge), Photoshop (good knowledge), Premiere Pro (good knowledge), Ableton (basic knowledge), Cinema 4D (basic knowledge), Processing (basic knowledge), InVision (basic knowledge).