Designer & Educator | Playful Learning Ambassador

Lotte Meeuwissen designs play-based interventions that make learning more human. Where traditional education focuses on transmitting information, Lotte’s experiential approach enables learning through experience. She stimulates the senses and sparks motivation and curiosity. It is her mission to create learning environments which give children more ownership and empower their voices and stories to be heard.

I am currently organising my new work (2021 – 2023) to be able to share insights with you in an inspiring way. Do you want to know more? Send me a message via, I am always open to meet new people!

How can we collaborate?



I can contribute by i.e. conducting research into the context and target audience, aligning the vision and common ground of all parties involved, conducting qualitative interviews, observing (target group) studies and pilots, supporting as a playful learning ambassador in your research project


Concept Development

I can contribute by i.e. reflecting and acting on research results, conceptualising and designing playful learning experiences, connecting concepts to scientific theories, ideating and outlining learning experiences, user-journey mapping, concept presentations, facilitating co-creation workshops, support as a playful learning ambassador in your project



I can contribute by i.e. designing (product and graphic) for teaching and learning materials, developing product prototypes, conducting test sessions with target group (children and adults), evaluating prototypes, reflecting and implementing insights of test sessions, converting conceptual ideas into concrete designs

Selection of partners en collaborators:

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