Experiential learning tools

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Sensory science

Discover the power of the emotional and sensorial brain within processes of transformation.


Find the solution for every problem at the people who are confronted with it every day.

Experience design

A design is always a designed experience. 


Developing methodologies to convey knowledge, to make creative discoveries, or to tackle innovative challenges. During these processes it is often our reasoning that is activated. Do you recognise this in your organisation?

What we often forget is the power of the emotional and sensorial brain. Which are just as and perhaps even more essential in transformation processes. Knowledge, creativity, and innovation are cognitive tasks that arise from insights that we feel with our body. When looking at the brain while performing cognitive tasks, we understand that the body is constantly developing feelings associated with those tasks. In the same way knowing is a sensation we feel with our body.


The mix of physical, emotional, social and intellectual stimuli that I offer with my tools are an effective support for processes of growth within teams and organisations. By hacking design thinking methodologies and combining them with the knowledge of Kolb's “experiential learning cycle”, an innovative game is created between creative experiment and science. This ensures that my tools nurture and strengthen the “creative confidence” of individuals; the origin of groundbreaking growth.

Learning is a continuous cycle of interactions between the brain and the body.

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